Dec. 14.

Santa Claus & Snow Leopards

A few days ago we took the boys to see Santa Claus at Marwell Zoo. What a fantastic experience. It was voted best Christmas Experience 2012 by Netmums and you can see why. We went last year also. This year was fantastic. The weather held up for us. It was cold but dry. So we got to walk all around the park and see all the animals. But first we went to see Santa Claus. You enter the magical kingdom and are offered Mulled Wine and Mince Pies. (Juice for the children!). Then you go through and see Mrs Claus who reads a story to the children with the assistance of one of the Elves. That was lovely. Mrs Claus really made it this year. Excellent. The kids were enthralled. Then we went through to decorate our own Christmas Stockings. That was fun. There were lots of Elves on hand to help. Then we got called to see the big guy himself. We enter through a magical walkway and there he is next to a huge beautifully decorated Christmas Tree. Daniel had brought his letter to Santa all this way and handed it over. Santa gave it to his Elf to put on the Tree. Then he chatted with the boys. Then he gave them a present each. They were absolutely enchanted. Then there was the chance for pics. And there was a professional photographer there too so that was great. We finally saw the ‘Nice’ list, which both boys were on, then went to see Rudolph before leaving the experience. It was fabulous. We got some lovely pics.

IMG_5861 IMG_5862 IMG_5885 IMG_5892 IMG_5942 IMG_5902


Then, to make the day absolutely perfect, the Snow Leopards came right up to the fence to see us and pose for pictures. They were absolutely stunning. Got some great pics of them – our favourite animals at Marwell, along with the Giraffes. Daniel did really well during the whole day. He enjoyed every aspect. He was a great improvement on last year. Last year Daniel didn’t want to do the decorating activity and didn’t want to listen to the story. This year he enjoyed every last bit and was really well behaved. He has come on so much in this last year. His maturity and tolerance to different things is growing all the time. We are so proud of him. I think this year it’s going to be a good Christmas!

Sally :) xx


Nov. 27.

Daniel’s Glasses

Well we went to the Opticians on Friday after school to collect Daniel’s glasses. I am very pleased and excited to say that apart from going to bed, they have not left his face since! He absolutely loves them. He can see! He put them on in the shop and was so excited because he could see. He ran around the shop shouting “I can see” and we all applauded him. It was fab. I am so proud of him. He wore them to the cinema on Sunday to see Monsters University – a special Autism friendly screening. That went well. And he has worn them to school all week. He doesn’t take them off till bed time and they are the first thing he reaches for in the morning. It really is heart warming. To know that he can see now. It’s just great. He looks so smart. Here is a pic of him in his new specs:

IMG_5770I really hope that Daniel continues to enjoy wearing his glasses like this. He will gain so much from them. His whole world has now opened up for him. He can see and enjoy things he never imagined possible. He is much more confident in himself already. He moves about with more ease and confidence and is so much more sure-footed. I just hope that soon he will find the confidence to do stairs – now that he can see them! Thank goodness for good Opticians that are good with children with special needs. If any of you live in the South East then I thoroughly recommend Melina Joy of Heathfield. She was an absolute star.

Sally xx