Jun. 03.

Special Needs Charity Events

Hello. It has been a long time since I have written a post.

Life has been so hectic. I haven’t been able to have my feet touch the ground. Daniel and Matty are doing well in school. They are loving life. All is going well.

The reason for my writing today – and I promise to get back in the swing of it – I want to tell you about an initiative that is very exciting for people with special needs in the UK – Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Talk Like A Pirate Day is a parodic holiday which happens every year on September 19th, having been founded in 1995 by two men playing squash in the USA. Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket as they are now known use this event to raise money every year for charity.

Through a long and complicated story we are running the ‘Official’ website for the UK side of the event.


Talk Like A Pirate Day UK official logo

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is when lots of people, be they individual or groups gather together and run charity events to raise money by talking like pirates (arrrr!), acting like a Pirate, doing Pirate related activities and games and that type of thing. You get the picture. It is meant to be a lot of fun. And to raise money for charity at the same time. It is worldwide all on the same day but hey if you can’t do that day pirates were flexible.

The UK web site is talkpiratedayuk.org if you want to know more, the Facebook Page if you fancy hopping on over to Like and show your support is facebook.com/tlapd

Well the charity being supported this year is HFT who provide services for people with learning disabilities and their families. Their web site is HFT.org.uk They are a well respected charity with the Principal Patron HRH The Princess Royal and other Patrons including Martin Clunes, Floella Benjamin OBE, Ronnie Corbett OBE, Dame Judy Dench, Griff Rhys Jones and others.

You can organise any type of event and register it with the Pirate website to see it displayed on the Big Pirate Map O’ Events. All money raised goes direct to the charity and can be paid by cheque or BACS really easily. When you register an event HFT will send out wonderful high quality fund raising event packs (or if you want you can just download them). They include many activities for children such as making your own pirate bunting, colouring your own eyepatch and so on. It is an opportunity to have lots of fun and raise some money for a very worthy charity. Two packs are available; one for 12 years and under, and for over twelves.

I hope that some of you may be interested in joining in the fun. Please do spread the word!! Share the Facebook Page with your friends. Follow it for latest news and updates. More followers means more chance of success.

Thanks for reading!

Happy event planning.

Sally x

Dec. 09.

Foot and Mouth?

Well Daniel got sent home from school yesterday with query Foot and Mouth. He had come out in a nasty rash on his legs the previous evening and had a couple of spots on his face. I thought it was eczema on his legs with just a couple of spots for unknown reasons on his face. Probably because he is a little run down after his cough and cold. So the school asked me to have a GP consult. So I dutifully booked one. We went along and didn’t have to wait too long which was miraculous in itself. We saw the doc and she had a quick look and confirmed my thoughts that it was indeed eczema. Now he has some steroid cream and some emmoliant cream for his affected areas – which at the moment is just his legs. This means he can go into school still as he is obviously not contagious. This is good news as it is his school nativity on Friday and wouldn’t want to miss that for the world.

Talking of Christmas. Daniel and Matthew saw two Father Christmases over the weekend! They saw the big man on Friday evening at a charity Xmas party for disabled children and their siblings. Then they saw him at a Christmas fete on Saturday. The Father Christmas at the party was very generous. Matty got some race car track with the car to go with. And Daniel got Lego Batman movie. So they did brilliantly. Then at the fete they got some choccies so everyone is happy. Even Daniel will eat his chocolate as it melts in his mouth. Both have a chocolate advent calendar and both love eating that every morning!

Daniel’s puppy Milo is not well at the moment. He had to go to the Vet yesterday for Xrays under anaesthetic. They could not find what is causing him to limp so he has to have anti inflammatories for a month and joint supplements then re-assess. If still limping then more Xrays. If that doesn’t show anything then a CT scan and Arthroscopy. This all sounds very expensive. I am so glad he is insured. What a worrying time for us though. He is limping and we can’t help him. It is sad. He has to have limited exercise. And the trouble is, because he doesn’t feel very well he isn’t as tolerant with the children. He keeps walking away because he doesn’t want them climbing all over him, but they don’t understand and keep following him. I have to be a bit strict with them over this. And poor Daniel doesn’t understand at all. He just wants to cuddle his puppy. But he is a big Rottweiler so we need to be aware that he is unhappy at the moment and be mindful of that. So sad.

Daniel has a few more exciting events lined up over next couple of weeks. So I shall keep you posted. Thanks for reading!

Sally x