Dec. 09.

Foot and Mouth?

Well Daniel got sent home from school yesterday with query Foot and Mouth. He had come out in a nasty rash on his legs the previous evening and had a couple of spots on his face. I thought it was eczema on his legs with just a couple of spots for unknown reasons on his face. Probably because he is a little run down after his cough and cold. So the school asked me to have a GP consult. So I dutifully booked one. We went along and didn’t have to wait too long which was miraculous in itself. We saw the doc and she had a quick look and confirmed my thoughts that it was indeed eczema. Now he has some steroid cream and some emmoliant cream for his affected areas – which at the moment is just his legs. This means he can go into school still as he is obviously not contagious. This is good news as it is his school nativity on Friday and wouldn’t want to miss that for the world.

Talking of Christmas. Daniel and Matthew saw two Father Christmases over the weekend! They saw the big man on Friday evening at a charity Xmas party for disabled children and their siblings. Then they saw him at a Christmas fete on Saturday. The Father Christmas at the party was very generous. Matty got some race car track with the car to go with. And Daniel got Lego Batman movie. So they did brilliantly. Then at the fete they got some choccies so everyone is happy. Even Daniel will eat his chocolate as it melts in his mouth. Both have a chocolate advent calendar and both love eating that every morning!

Daniel’s puppy Milo is not well at the moment. He had to go to the Vet yesterday for Xrays under anaesthetic. They could not find what is causing him to limp so he has to have anti inflammatories for a month and joint supplements then re-assess. If still limping then more Xrays. If that doesn’t show anything then a CT scan and Arthroscopy. This all sounds very expensive. I am so glad he is insured. What a worrying time for us though. He is limping and we can’t help him. It is sad. He has to have limited exercise. And the trouble is, because he doesn’t feel very well he isn’t as tolerant with the children. He keeps walking away because he doesn’t want them climbing all over him, but they don’t understand and keep following him. I have to be a bit strict with them over this. And poor Daniel doesn’t understand at all. He just wants to cuddle his puppy. But he is a big Rottweiler so we need to be aware that he is unhappy at the moment and be mindful of that. So sad.

Daniel has a few more exciting events lined up over next couple of weeks. So I shall keep you posted. Thanks for reading!

Sally x

Dec. 01.

First Xmas Party

It was the first Christmas party of the season today. Organised by a local charity for children with special needs and their siblings. We heard about it through the school Daniel attends. He was to go in a taxi from school to the destination in town, and then I was to meet him there with Matty. I picked Matty up early from school. Then we made our way to the town to wait for Daniel for the party. It was all decorated lovely at the venue. Matty was really excited. We took a seat with Nanny who also came. Then I got a phone call from the school. Daniel had not been collected and was I picking him up?? I said no!! He was supposed to go in a taxi from the school. I had filled in the form and everything when I confirmed his party place. I was not happy and was very concerned for Daniel. Sitting all alone at school wondering what was happening with him. The school said they would ring me back. When they did they said a taxi had just turned up for Daniel. Very concerning. I could not wait for him to arrive. He was only ten minutes. He looked really happy when he arrived. He was thrilled. He had no worries. Of course. He loved the venue and the decorations. He saw a giant bear wandering around, and Santa came to greet him. He couldn’t wait to go see Santa and get a pressie. We settled down at a table and then Daniel spotted the balloon lady. He got a balloon in the shape of a Rudolph hat. He fell in love with it and didn’t take it off his head all evening. Even when he met Santa he kept his hat on. Even when he went for a wee!! He barely fit in the stall bless him. The next time I looked up I couldn’t see Daniel. Then I saw that he had gone off to the refreshment stand and got himself a juice. All by himself. How brave and clever. And he was doing really well drinking from the cup too, which he is not great at. I was really proud of him. Soon there was a magician. Daniel said he didn’t want to watch. Slowly, the magician made him laugh. It tempted him. He was laying on the floor next to us. Then he started to crawl towards the stage. Then he eventually went and sat on the edge. Then his little bro noticed him and invited him over. So they sat together and laughed together at the magician who was very good with the kiddies. Then there was dancing. Daniel and Matthew mostly played together but they went on the dancefloor a bit. There was party food. Daniel enjoyed the crisps. And the juice. Matty ate the lot. Finally Santa was announced. The kiddies were beside themselves. We went to the Grotto. It was all so well done. They boys got a pressie each and I made them wait till they got home before they could open it. They did really well, with Hot Wheels and Lego City. Both absolutely thrilled. So thank you so much to Lark in the Park charity. So impressed. Will definitely go again next year. Would love to support them. It is such a magical time of the year. The boys are really full of beans and excited all the time. And well behaved lol. They know that Santa is watching their every move. Here is a pic from the party. Enjoy.

Sally x