Sep. 04.

Book on Constipation

I am very excited. Today I have completed my first eBook on Constipation and Autism. It is a culmination of mine and Daniel’s experiences and the research that I have done on the subject. Daniel has had constipation since a few months old up until about two months ago. Over that period of time we have tried everything and been referred to several services. I have also done a lot of my own research. I decided I wanted to share my experiences to help others. I have written a 12k word eBook on Constipation and Autism. I will be releasing it for sale on this site as soon as is practicable. If any of you would like a copy asap please msg me and I will pass you my bank details to purchase a copy via email immediately. I hope that you will find it a valuable resource. I am now looking forward to producing it, and then writing another eBook.


Aug. 28.

Inappropriate Comments

Well it’s been the summer holidays. Sorry I have not written an entry for a while. It’s been very busy here, understandably. Daniel & Matthew have had a great time, I hope. I have taken them all over the place. But most notably, I have taken them a few times up on the Sussex Downs to walk the dog. They both love it up there. They can run around and chase the dog. They also like to meet other dogs and make a fuss of them. The only trouble is Daniel. He goes up to total strangers. He tells them his name and then asks them their names and where they live. Before you can stop him. Then he says “I love you”. It is embarrassing. But also, it is a severe worry. I hate that he is so open with total strangers. I keep telling him not to speak to anyone. But he ignores this advice. And now to say I love you, it is a real concern. It is one thing when I am with him. But what if for some reason I am not – like being on a school trip or something. It only takes him to be unsupervised for a second. It is such a worry. I hate to think that he will start talking to the wrong sort of person. These people hang around children’s playgrounds. I never take the boys to a playground on my own. Because I can’t watch them both at the same time. And they always split up. I have not taken them to a playground all summer hols. Last time I did that Daniel left the playground and went on ‘an adventure’. It was terrifying. I thought I had lost him. What do you do? I have bought a MedicAlert bracelet. But he refuses to wear it. I know if he is taken by an inappropriate adult this will be worthless, but if he wanders then it could be a life saver. Daniel has been to Smile Club this summer. This is the club run by the local special needs school. He has enjoyed his time there. He goes 10-12. He can’t do 10-4 until he is 8. He is 7 in a couple of weeks’ time. He has enjoyed spending time with the staff there, some of whom are teaching assistants and so he knows them already. At least this is a bit of ‘Daniel’ time where I know he is safe. And it gives a bit of quality time for Matty and I. Which is precious.
Maybe I should try Social Stories to teach Daniel not to talk to strangers. It may work. I know Matty understands the whole stranger danger concept. But Daniel is a whole another ball game. Sometimes I hate Autism. It puts my baby in danger.