Oct. 11.

Daniel’s School Have Him Eating!!

Well we have had a fun and productive week. Daniel is doing really well at school. He is loving going and having great days there. He has been doing all sorts of things. PE, cookery, IT, music and much much more. The school is fantastic. They are making great strides with his eating. Up until now, for those of you who don’t know, Daniel survives on prescribed formula from the Dietician. Apart from the odd smooth yoghurt he eats no food whatsoever. It is all to do with his severe Sensory Processing Disorder. Well this last couple of weeks the school have been getting him to really explore. He has had a mouthful of fish cake, some baked beans, some gravy, some custard and he has licked several different items like flapjack for example. But the major progress is that they have managed to get him to eat those pots of baby puree fruit – ie puree apple & pear etc. This is huge!! I can never get him to eat these things. He always turns his nose up at the mere thought of it. But the school are getting him to do amazing things I have so far been unable to achieve. It was the school who got him to take the Fortini from a straw and not from a baby bottle anymore. And he took a while before he would adopt this at home. So I am going to leave this amazing progress to school for the moment and not frighten him off at home, but slowly introduce these things at home over the next few months. I think the Feeding Clinic at Guys & St Thomas’ would be well impressed. I shall email them and tell them how he is doing. I am so proud of him. He is like a little sponge at the moment. Willing to learn anything and everything. Sending him to South Downs Special School has been the best opportunity of his life. I am so proud to be a Parent Governor there too. I really feel like I can make a difference in his life, and that of all his peers. I just felt I had to share this wonderful news. Small steps!!

Sally xx

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