Jan. 28.

Getting Matty to Eat!!

This past week has been wonderful. Matty is finally beginning to eat normally. I think it is because we have now seen the constipation nurse specialist who has come up with a plan to stop Matty being constipated all the time and so now he feels hunger. He is actually empty and not backed up full of poo. He is really becoming interested in food. He has eaten most of what I have offered him this last few days. And today was fantastic. He ate some snacks this morning. Then he ate all his lunch at pre school. Then when he came home he couldn’t stop eating! He had some fruit salad. Then he had a giant rice cake. Then he had a bag of crisps. He was still asking for food after that but I put my foot down and said no, it is nearly dinner time. Then when I went out to the kitchen to start preparing dinner Matty followed. He stood on a box next to me so he could see the work surface of the kitchen. I was a bit twitchy having him in close proximity to hot hobs etc, but decided that if I was there to explain and supervise all the time then his safety would not be an issue. So we made the spag bol together. He helped stir in all the ingredients. He kept stirring almost the whole time it was on the hob. He was loving it. And he knows all the stages of preparation. He is aware of what I am doing all of the way through. He is a bright little button. And he said that he loves baking. He wants us to make cakes tomorrow. So that will be what we do tomorrow before pre school.

Matty Cooking His Dinner!


It’s funny how something so simple can be the answer to such a big problem. Matty has been a changed little boy this last week and it’s been fantastic.

This coming Sunday is going to be my big four-oh!! I am going to be hitting that awful big birthday milestone. I am quite apprehensive about this. They say life begins but I’m not so sure. Although I am looking forward to my birthday celebrations. I am having friends round for drinks and nibbles on the Friday eve and then we are going out for a dinner party with several other couples on the Saturday eve. So I have things planned. And I can’t wait. It’s going to be great. I don’t get to go out much so it will be lovely to have a weekend of celebrations. You have to mark it somehow don’t you?!

Daniel has been doing really well at school. He is doing fabulously with his reading. They send him home with books to practice his reading abilities. He enjoys reading and he is taking it all in like a sponge. He loves his story at bedtime too. I am just so proud of him. We also have had some good news. Guys & St Thomas’ Hosp London are sending a team down to see Daniel on 7th Feb to assess his feeding (or lack of it!) and to come up with some more plans as to how to encourage him to feed. We were due to attend the Evalina Children’s Hosp at Guys & St Thomas’ Hosp London on 7th for a six month follow up appointment and they have decided there will be more benefit if they do a home visit. I am really pleased and excited about this. It is an excellent opportunity for Daniel and should be really useful. The team are going to visit Daniel in school at lunch time to assess his feeding ritual etc and then they are going to discuss progress and future plans with his teacher and I in the office afterwards. Such service! My own local hosp wouldn’t bother with a home visit I’m sure, but London are coming all the way to see us. That is over 100 miles. Each way! Fab! So watch this space as to how we get on with that. I will let you know in great detail.

So we are nearly at the end of the first month of the New Year and things are looking up. I feel more positive and in control than I did last year. I feel more optimistic. I feel happy :)

Sally xxx

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