Sep. 30.

Importance of Routines

Daniel lives by his routines. He sets his little internal body clock by routines. He understands the world around him by placing activities into routines. His Daddy normally works Mon – Fri 7 – 3. That means he is home most weekends. And so on Sat and Sun we all have a bit of a lay in and chill out together and the boys don’t have to go to school. Well this weekend Andy had to work Sat so he had Sun and Mon off. So of course, he had a lay in this morning and I got the boys up and ready for school. Because Daniel goes by Taxi and leaves quite early at 8.15 he never sees Matty get ready and go to school. So he thinks he is being singled out as the only one who has to go to school. So today it was made doubly worse because Daddy was home, and Matty was not dressed in school uniform yet, but Daniel was expected to go to school. He was so upset. He was beside himself. He wanted to play Mario Karts on the Wii and he wanted to stay and play with his brother and his Daddy. He could not get his head around the fact that it was a Mon and it was a school day. He was mortified when the Taxi turned up. He was crying real big tears. I felt so awful. I sat him in the Taxi and the driver drove off and he had his window open and I could hear Daniel crying all the way down the hill. It was awful. I felt so bad. It breaks my heart when Daniel goes off to school crying. I always wonder how long he cries for and what his school day is like. The communications book always says that he has had a nice day and that he has been receptive and learnt a lot. I guess I worry too much. But it is hard to see your baby with big tears.

Here is a pic of him in his school uniform looking all smart and ready to go. A happier morning!



Do any of you guys have trouble getting your little one off to school? Please do comment!

Many thanks!

Sally xx

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