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Nov. 16.

Matty Baking Children in Need Cakes

Well my very dear friend said she would help me to get Matty to eat. She said she would have him for tea with her Lily. So yesterday she collected Matty from Pre School and took him home with her and Lily. They sat on the kitchen floor and had a bowl each to mix their cake mix to prepare cakes for BBC Children in Need which is obviously today. They sat really nicely and had great fun mixing their bowls. They both had a lick out of the bowl and put their mix in the little cup cake holders. Then after they were cooked they decorated them together. Then of course they ate some of them! So he ate the cake with Lily. He has been refusing all food over the last week. He has gone all day with maybe a beaker of milk and that’s it. But when he was with Lily he copied her. Here is a pic of them making their cakes together:

Baking for Children in Need


Then Matty was taken to MacDonalds for tea. Now whenever I take him to MacDonalds he eats the chips and leaves the chicken nuggetts. But no. When he goes with Lily he eats three of the nuggetts! Just typical! He did really well apparently. He didn’t touch his drink, but he did have a drink when he got home so that’s ok. He had a really nice time and relaxed about his eating. What he didn’t eat he came home with, and he ate some more cold at home! So he did really well yesterday with his food. He also had a full beaker of milk before going to bed so he had a nice full tummy. So that was brilliant. Here are the kiddies at MacDonalds:

Playing at MacDonalds


So today Matty didn’t eat quite so well, but I am guessing he ate quite a bit of his tea at nursery because he came home with it all over his front and his sleeves! So hopefully he got stuck in there, whatever he had. I didn’t take or collect him from nursery today as I am very unwell. That is why I didn’t write a Blog post yesterday. I have a severe chest infection that I should be in hospital with to have IV antibiotics. But stupidly I refused and said I would try oral antibiotics because I didn’t want to leave my boys and go into hospital. I am beginning to regret that decision as I still have a raging temperature and a horrid cough, plus a headache, and I ache all over! I just hope I don’t give it to the boys. I would hate to think of them feeling like this. Daniel has a little bit of a cough so I am keeping everything crossed it doesn’t develop into anything else. Wish us luck!

Daniel now has his meds under control with his constipation, so that he is no longer constipated. I have it sussed and he is well and fine in that department. Which makes him such a different little boy. He is so much happier and brighter when he is not in pain with his constipation. He is doing well at school. He is coming along with his reading and the school have sent him home with a couple of books to read over the weekend that he is reading in class at the moment. When I had his parent consultation on Wednesday the teacher said she doesn’t think it will be long before he is reading. I think he can read basic words already. He is just very backward in admitting what he actually knows. He keeps it to himself! He doesn’t let you know what he can do. Then one day he just suprises you. He can always read the spines of DVDs on the shelf to pick out the one he wants to watch. He has been able to do that for ages. So we shall see how we get on with the books this weekend. He may not want to read them out of context of the school, but I hope he does. And maybe Matty will join in. He loves his books. He loves his story every bedtime. He is a good boy.

Matty is still constipated and has not been now for two weeks. So we have to try and persuade him to go this weekend. Wish us luck! What a nightmare! He is just refusing to go. He holds it all in. He must be so uncomfortable? I don’t know how we are going to break this cycle. Any ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated?!

We have taken delivery of our Time Tracker which lights up the traffic light system. We bought this to try to prevent meltdowns over transitions. Now we have only used it a couple of times within the home, but it works like a charm! Daniel loves it because it is very visually stimulating. He knows when it goes amber it is nearly bedtime, and when it goes red it is bedtime. He then quite happily goes up. So fingers crossed this will work when we out and about and have to finish activities soon. I shall see how we get on with it and let you know!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sally xxx

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