Feb. 17.

Spring Break Meltdowns

I apologise for the lateness of my Blog post. I, and a lot of my friends, have just turned 40!! Scary stuff!! Lots of parties and fun filled evenings to attend. That in itself poses huge challenges for us Autism mums as we struggle to find someone willing to baby sit. Thank heavens I have a very understanding and helpful Mother in Law and very wonderful friends. Without them my birthday would not have been the raging success that it was. I had a truly fab time and really enjoyed myself. I have also had a fantastic Valentine’s Day with the boys bringing home cards and heart shaped biscuits that they made in school. How cute is that? They were both very excited. But Daniel has a nasty cough. He has been really poorly this week and crying and asking to stay at home in bed instead of go to school. So on Friday he did stay home and he seemed much brighter for it. He has been having very disturbed nights – more so than usual! With all the coughing. Yesterday we decided to stay in the warm. We missed an organised swim night with Special Parents due to Daniel’s cough. I didn’t want him going out and getting wet in the evening then coming out damp into really cold air. I felt sure that would be asking for trouble for it going on to his chest. So we missed out on some fun there, which was a shame. The good news was that I hadn’t told the boys about it in advance for them to look forward to, so they don’t know what they missed out on. Phew!

Today was a beautiful Spring day. The sun was out and the sky was blue. It was much warmer than recent climes and we decided to take the boys to a National Trust place – Nymans Gardens. Daniel spookily decided that he wanted to go to Marwell Zoo. Now, we are going to Marwell Zoo this week – we have free tickets – but not till Thursday. Somehow Daniel got himself fixed on that for today, and all he wanted to do was to go see the Giraffes. He would not understand that we have four more sleeps till Marwell. He wanted to go today. He went into a total meltdown. Just as we were about to leave for Nymans. It lasted a good 20 mins. He could not understand that we will go there soon. He just wanted to go there now. Even Matthew got distressed with all the screaming and asked Daniel to be quiet he was making too much noise. He seemed quite upset by the level of distress that Daniel was reaching. Normally in these type of scenarios Matty is the only one who can calm Daniel. It was probably the case today too, but it took so long. He was screaming no end. We finally got him to accept that we were going to Nymans. Then he wanted a certain bag of crisps at the cafe and they didn’t have them. That was enough for another meltdown. We had several over the course of the day.

However, we did also have some fun lucid moments. The boys sat and posed together on beautiful benches next to snowdrops in the sun and it was lovely. They seemed to have a really nice time.

Enjoying Spring sunshine at Nymans Gardens


Balancing on a log in Spring sunshine.


Brothers together


Having fun at the cafe in the sun


Once we had walked around the grounds initially, we decided on a nice warming cup of tea then walk round again as it was such a nice day. Daniel had other plans. Another meltdown ensued. I found myself wishing I was wearing the T Shirt I recently bought announcing I am the Mum of a child with Autism – What’s your SuperPower?!! I felt the need to explain to people. Even though I refrained. But I got ‘the look’ several times. And then I found myself almost resenting and feeling how come Daniel gets to dictate what we all do all the time? Little Matty was having a great time in the sunshine and didn’t want to come home early. We were having a lovely time. But Daniel was desperate to go home. In his defence he then did go on to say that he wanted to go to bed because he was tired. So I think he was feeling under the weather with this cough. All became too stressful, whatever the reason, and we had to cut short our day and come home. Daniel was like a different child once he was home. He was so relaxed. He was much happier. But not himself. He took himself off to Matty room to read a book in solitude and he barely drank any formula all day. So he must be hungry. But just not fancying it. I guess you don’t when you are ill. Poor little fella. I hope this is not a sign of things to come and a stressful Half Term for yours truly! His last words when he went to bed were that he wants to go to Marwell tomorrow! We are going to the local farm tomorrow to meet friends and have a coffee. I can already see this going horribly wrong and me not ending up drinking my coffee at all and our visit being cut short. We shall see. I do hate these meltdowns. They are so exhausting and debilitating for us all. Daniel included. And Matty too. Please wish me luck for these holidays! I will keep you posted as to how we get along! I hope you all have a great one!

Sally xxx

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  • So sorry to hear about the meltdowns. I feel your pain! Thomas has just been diagnosed with ASD too, alongside his sotos syndrome. However, his behaviour has been much better since his speech has developed. I am trying something new this week called love bombing, based on a technique by Oliver James a British psychologist. I’ve blogged about it a few times, but this is us trying it for real. I wonder if it might work for Daniel. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Hi! Thanks for your message. I have looked at Oliver James’ work in brief and it sounds really interesting. Certainly a concept I may well be interested in giving a go. Please do let me know how you get on with it. This Half Term week has been awful. We have had super Meltdowns everyday apart from today. It has been such hard work. I am washed out and looking forward to some sense of normality on Monday!
      Have a good weekend!
      Sally xx

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